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To quote Louie C.K.: "...vaginas are so sweet! They're little pretty things! With little flower petal-y lips! I hear a piccolo in my head every time I see a vagina!" And to many people, this is true. Vaginas are magical and wonderful and all around awesome to be around.
But this isn't the case for everyone, as some people aren't really fans of them, like Gay men.

We already saw how they would react to touching boobs for the first time, well how about female genitalia? BriaAndChrissy actually made a video showing a few Gay guys' reactions to feeling a vagina. One man described it as "a closet door with some curtains poking out." This is gonna be fun.
And even said, "Let's hope I don't lose a finger!"

Check out the rest of their hilarious reactions in the entire video below.

When you ask the internet for help, you’re asking for trouble.

1. Can you remove the hand for me?

2. Just a touch-up

3. How do I get rid of these spots on my mirror?

4. The LIVE Photoshop troll

As a part of Adobe’s “Creative Days” program, Photoshop masters set up camp at a bus station and modified pictures of waiting commuters in real time. Watch their reactions!

5. The sneaky wedding troll

6. Specificity is key.

7. A reccuring nightmare of a troll

Or, “block this friend on Facebook.”

8. Can you remove her bikini?

9. Duck face troll

10. Can you beef me up?

11. The poignant family Photoshop troll

12. Taking things literally

13. Specificity is key 2.0.

14. The elaborate workplace troll

15. The double-take troll

16. As seamless as possible

17. Sometimes specificity isn’t key.

18. I guess my smile’s not so bad after all…

19. You couldn’t have just cropped it, could you?

20. Can you make my cheekbones higher?

21. A simple crop, please

You need timing and a great partner to perform the perfect high-five, or, to be honest – it’s not so hard! But for these 25 people it was truly, incredibly, hard and they failed epically at high-fiving their partners! Check it out below!

1.”I wonder what that means?!”

2.”Great game guys!!… guys…?”

3.”We totally rehearsed this for 5 hours”

4.”I’m the best, i’m the best.. feel that!”

5.”Give it uuuuuuu..”

6.”Look!! I learned something from Youuuutuu…nope”


8.”High-five – Down low!”


 10.No comment

 11.”Look at me i’m popular, and with girls, n stuff..”


13.Can’t imagine these guys being any good at golf

 14.”Which way does the hand go? I’ll try this”

15.”High-Five! oops.. forgot he was blind!”

16.Now there’s a pro!


18.”Soo.. That didn’t go quite the way i planned it in my head”

19.”Aww.. Don’t leave me hanging all the way into commercial”

 20.”Hugs is the new high-five!”

21.”Was supposed to be like that. That’s how gangstas do it!”

 22.”Hell yeah! Hell.. Damnit”

 23.That could probably count as an assault!

 24.”Good gaaaame.. game.. gamm…eeee??”

 25.”Good job! I helped right… right?”

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