To quote Louie C.K.: "...vaginas are so sweet! They're little pretty things! With little flower petal-y lips! I hear a piccolo in my head every time I see a vagina!" And to many people, this is true. Vaginas are magical and wonderful and all around awesome to be around.
But this isn't the case for everyone, as some people aren't really fans of them, like Gay men.

We already saw how they would react to touching boobs for the first time, well how about female genitalia? BriaAndChrissy actually made a video showing a few Gay guys' reactions to feeling a vagina. One man described it as "a closet door with some curtains poking out." This is gonna be fun.
And even said, "Let's hope I don't lose a finger!"

Check out the rest of their hilarious reactions in the entire video below.

1. Revellers throw turnips at the Jarramplas during the Jarramplas traditional festival in Piornal, Spain.

2. Conservationists of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation hold a baby orangutan rescued along with its mother from forest fires in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

3. Singer Celine Dion kisses the casket of her husband Rene Angelil following his funeral at Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal. Her brother also died from cancer in the same week.

4. Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama points to his swollen eye before boarding a flight for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, for a regular medical checkup.

5. Officers stand outside the Supreme Court in Washington which has been brought to a standstill by a massive snowstorm.

6. Boys eat at a rubbish dump where they are collecting recyclable waste outside Yemen's Red Sea port city of Houdieda.

7. PETA activists protest in front of Brandenburg Gate prior to the opening of the Berlin Fashion Week in Germany.

8. Demonstrators take part in protest against the attack on Bacha Khan University in Peshawar, Pakistan.

9. A man rides a horse through the flames during the "Luminarias" celebration on the eve of Saint Anthony's day, Spain's patron saint of animals, in the village of San Bartolome de Pinares, Spain. 

10. A woman carries a girl during protest outside the United Nations offices against Saudi-led air strikes, in Yemen's capital Sanaa.

11. A migrant lashes out at a dismantled area of the camp known as the "Jungle", a squalid sprawling camp in Calais, France. French authorities attempted to remove occupants after the camp encroached on a port terminal.

12. A fisherman stands on the shore of the Magdalena river in Columbia, which has seen severe drought as a result of El Nino.

13. Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders clash at the democratic presidential primary debate.

14. Blood stains and flak jackets cover the floor of Bacha Khan University, Pakistan, where a militant attack killed 22.

15. Jason Rezaian, one of the U.S. citizens recently released from detention in Iran, waves as he arrives in Germany for medical treatment. 

16. Protestors hold up a sign towards the crowd at a rally for U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

17. A man immerses himself in icy waters during celebrations for the Orthodox Epiphany on the ice-covered lake near St. Petersburg, Russia.

18. Confiscated weapons hang from a magnet before being destroyed at a foundry in Santiago, Chile. 

19. A man riding a bike passes next to a car that was set afire by protesters during a demonstration against delayed elections in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

20. Indian men belonging to Tiwa tribe walk on a paddy field as they arrive with their fishing tackle for the Jonbeel festival, near Gauhati, India.

21. Sindy the gorilla feeds her newborn baby at the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

22. A Syrian refugee boy walks back to his family's tent after collecting wood to be used for heating, at an informal tented settlement near the Syrian border on the outskirts of Mafraq, Jordan

 Lots of people can’t benefit from an afternoon nap at work from the simple reason that their offices don’t have space for nap rooms. Even though they might be aware of the nap’s beneficial effect on productivity, many business owners can’t afford a larger spaces for running their businesses.

Designer Athanasia Leivaditou of Studio NL, may have found a solution. The Greek designer created a product that at first glance looks like an ordinary desk, but within minutes, it transforms itself into a comfortable sleeping place.

The lid of the desk can be pulled in order for more space to be created, while the front facade lays down and constitutes the base and mattress of the bed. Moreover, the right facade can slope in order to offer you a comfortable headrest and the left side can be used for storage (you can put there a TV – if that’s what you need to fall asleep).

The prototype is made of wood, leather and plexiglass and took a month to design and build. Athanasia Leivaditou named this project a „1.6 square meters of life“ and confesses on Studio NL’s website that ‘’It was an inspiration that came from exhausting working hours of my classmates that did not have an apartment close to the university and they were putting chairs together in order to take a nap during the night at the graduate school’’. Later on, the designer realized her desk can be used ‘’for a siesta, or in interiors where there is lack of space or for a few hours of sleeping at night between deadlines’’.

Although many employees (and even employers) would definitely appreciate it, the nap desk is at its concept stage. We can only hope that an open minded manufacturer will embrace the idea and bring the product on the market.


The stars have aligned and you and your bestie are both looking for a new housing situation at the same time #yassss! You already know about their affinity for eating Cheetos in bed and they’re cool with your Real Housewives obsession, so what could possibly go wrong?! You two sign the lease and are ready for action, but nothing could have prepared you for the things you’d learn after moving in with your BFF.

1. Seeing each other naked becomes completely normal.
You’ve never been shy about your body but you’re also not used to letting it all hang out. Turns out your sister from another mister is all about Topless Tuesdays (and every other day of the week ending in ”y”) so you’re going to get reeeeal comfortable with each other real quick.

2. Binge watching is a group sport.
The old you would eye-guzzle down episode after episode of The Sopranos in isolation, but now you don’t have to. Sure, the two of you sometimes have to compromise on what you’re going to watch, but you’re so happy to have a partner in video streaming crime that you don’t care.

3. Getting past passive aggression.
Moving in with someone you love can be awkward. They take you for granted and eat all your food, you throw up on their favorite little black dress after a wild night on the town and don’t remember to get it dry cleaned, and you live and learn…am I right?! When you’re working out your house dynamics, it can be easy to slide into side-eyes and sarcastic sticky notes. If you’re friends with your roomie, you should be able to talk things out and embrace open communication. It’ll make your household and your friendship stronger.

4. Everyone has their flaws.
You found out your bestie has a weird habit of clipping her toenails in the living room and letting the shards of enamel soar through the air like biological shrapnel. Gross!

5. But most people also have a secret skill.
Damn girl, where’d you learn to make a frittata like that? Excuse me, you want to make us best friend frittatas every Sunday? Sounds like a plan.

6. You have a constant date.
Need someone to eat lunch with? Your bestie/roomie is on call. Looking to see the latest Star Wars movie in theaters with someone other than your weird Aunt Carol? Roomie’s got you covered. The best part is you can even snuggle up in your roomie’s bed at the end of the night. Sleeping together is definitely better than sleeping solo. And there’s no greater time to catch up than when you’re spooning.

7. And find out how to deal with bad dates...
You’ve known your bestie long enough to tell when she’s not feeling it. Scenario: your girl brings home a dude from Tinder who seems normal enough at first, but then he takes off his hat and reveals frosted tips that rival Justin Timberlake circa 1999. With just one exchange of horrified expressions, you know it’s going down. You run to the bathroom and fake a gnarly shaving accident (10 points if you have fake blood on hand). A little screaming, crying, and voila! Your bestie’s silly suitor is out of the house and you two are free to enjoy a large glass of wine together.

8. Snacks are sacred.
You take more liberties about eating your bestie’s food than you would with a random Craigslist roommate. In fact, you regularly take advantage of her butterscotch pudding cups and green tea bags. However, you have your limitations. You know your best friend well enough to know that her easy mac cups are sacred (hell hath no fury like a woman deprived of her much anticipated mac ‘n cheese).

9. Oversharing is no longer a thing.
“OMG I got drunk before yoga and didn’t realize my tampon was falling out during down dog. Awwwwwwkward.” Things that before would have made you cringe now seem completely normal and lol-able. You even told your bestie about the time that you got so high that you peed on a cop car, thinking you were inside your mom’s house — oops. These “overshare” moments are actually called “bonding opportunities.” Embrace them.

10. Nights in can be more fun.
Half the fun of going out is getting pumped and pre-gaming. Turns out, when you live with your best friend, it’s much harder to go out because the person you want to see already lives inside your house. You’ll find that many nights you just get glammed, get trashed, and are happier chatting on the couch than actually making it out to da club.

11. You would be great animal moms.
“We should totally get a puppy!” “OMG YES!!!” OK, so maybe you never make your puppy owning plans a reality, but you talk about them all the time. Your precious pooch would be well-dressed, well-fed, and super-duper loved. Maybe next year you’ll have the time/finances/lack of dog allergies to commit to a furry friend.

12. Being comforted is kind of the best.
The two of you have been through a lot together. Break ups, new jobs, and even awkward self-cut bangs. Crying it out together has become almost ritualistic and nothing makes you feel better than being able to comfort your girl when she’s had a bad day. Living with your best friend may have taught you a ton of stuff, but perhaps the most important is being able to care for another person, and have someone to care for you in return.

Furniture maker Greg Klassen has designed unique collection of dining and coffee table. Each table features hand-cut glass pieces running through the center of the wood construction. Each piece of wood was used from discarded trees from construction sites, and dying trees that were just beginning to rot. The intricate glass process was designed to look like just like a body of water flowing through the middle of the table, and the pattern mimics the jagged shores of both lakes and rivers. Klassen says that his inspiration came from the beautiful surroundings of the Pacific Northwest. These works of art can be purchased in several different shapes and sizes, directly from the designer’s website.

Forever 21 makes sure that its spring 2016
Forever 21 makes sure that its spring 2016 campaign focuses on the one wardrobe essential worn by just about everybody–denim. Starring models Cayley King, Marloes Horst, Courtney Eaton and Jonathan Bellini, the new advertisements put the spotlight on jeans with a variety of pieces. From high-waist 1970s styles to a more 90s grunge aesthetic, there are plenty of options for this timeless essential. Forever 21’s spring 2016 campaign was photographed by Zoey Grossman and styled by Ashey Glorioso.

Forever 21 Spring Campaign Photos

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