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While most of us were busy enjoying our high from the holiday festivities today, Kanye West was spotted checking out of a movie in Santa Monica, California. But, this visit wasn’t like other trips from the movies—he was spotted with a hint of (very) pink hair on his platinum blonde hair he debuted earlier this month.

Let’s rewind a bit. For years Kanye West has always worn a low cut hair style. Close on the sides, a bit fuller on top, but never any color. That all changed December 8, when the 39-year-old rapper reveled blonde hair for his first post-hospital appearance—and we have to admit it was pretty cool. And, now he added more color to spice up his green camouflage pants and shearling jacket.
Kanye West
Kanye West leaving the movies on boxing day with a new hairstyle.Pictured: Kanye West  Picture by: Clint Brewer / Splash News  

Is pink the new color for 2017? West follows the likes of Ashley Benson who recently went pink for her birthday. And, Ruby Rose who dyed her hair a fuchsia shade a week ago.
West may have looked a tad angry, but his upbeat hair color said otherwise and honestly, we’re just happy to see him out and about. Looks like he's lively and in the pink of his condition.

By Deena Campbell/allure

After a stray dog bravely protected her from a pair of aggressive men in Greece, alleged would-be victim Georgia Bradley decided to return the favor by giving the lonely pup a loving home. 

According to Daily Mail, Bradley, 25, was vacationing in the Mediterranean country with her boyfriend when she decided to go for a seaside stroll by herself. 

While walking along a remote beach in Crete, Bradley says she was approached by two men who invited her out for a drink. When she turned them down, the men apparently became aggressive — one even forcefully grabbed her arm. 

Thankfully, before the exchange got out of hand, a local stray dog rescued Bradley.

Of the scruffy black pup, she reportedly said, 

[The dog] shot out of nowhere, jumped up at me and began barking and licking my hand, and that made the men think twice. She saved me. She must have noticed something was wrong.
Bradley and her boyfriend, who was in a cafe at the time, later took the pooch around town to see if the dog belonged to anybody, but their search came up blank. Soon after, they returned to the UK, but Bradley couldn’t stop thinking about the dog, whom she’d named Pepper. 

So, two weeks later, she returned to Greece to rescue her furry friend. 

In the end, it took many weeks and lots of money to get the doggie, who was pregnant, cleared to travel to the UK. But it was well worth it: A week after settling into a new home in Cornwall, Pepper gave birth to six beautiful puppies. If that’s not the best story you’ve ever heard, I’d really like to hear what is.

Gillian Fuller

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