Ok,  why we're annoyed
If you ever need any more reason? Remind yourself worst moments of Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber is currently one of the biggest global star, moved a long way from an anonymous, cute kid singing on YouTube to capricious "guys" for whom the rules do not apply.
You are Bieber voted for the most irritating celebrity in our survey, and of these ten incidents remind you why all the "love to hate" singer.

Spit and pee wherever he can
Even the most loyal female fans, who for all the other incidents they say "is not that Justin did," they freaked out when they saw the footage clearly shows that he spits from the terrace, right down to the fans. This is not the first time Justin show this nevaspitanje. Just ask a woman in the gym, his neighbor and a DJ, all of which are reported to have been spat.

There are a couple of shots of Bieber performing emergency where his whim. Even in a restaurant in New York, where he stopped to pee in a bucket on the floor and shouted, "Is participation * Bill Clinton." It is still not known what he criticized Clinton.

Has no no idea about the history
Okay, I do not know if it's really dead heat between Bieber and "oro" starlet who has recently been a major topic in the media, but Justin has shown contempt for history. Enraged many when he visited the Anne Frank Museum, and social networking wrote that it was "a nice girl, that would certainly be 'beliber'" and his admirer.

...languages too 
It's been three years, but why wouldn't we recalled the interview in which Bieber showed not only does not know the meaning of his name, but he does not know what the German language, and it does not recognize anything that "does not speak for America" .

...geography too

Here's Bieber who tried to list the continents. If you did not know, North Pole and Canada are "continents".

He likes to fight

The "career" has been attacked several paparazzi. One kicked with all his strength when he was photographed as he exited the theater with his girlfriend Selena Gomez, and on the second he like, run while he was in London, but was dragged bodyguards. It's easy to shout "* I'l f**n kill you" when you keeped by 20 gorillas.

He likes to be late

If we know that Bieber is  listened only  by kids, it is reasonable to assume that during the performance adjusted to the fact that his audience after the concert does not go into further time in the clubs, but also home to complete homework and lie down, because tomorrow is going to school. However, Bieber has repeatedly late for their own concert for more than two hours in Iowa, Germany, London, Dubai ...

Smoking weed, drinking, and he wan't admit

Number of photos and videos where Justin smoking something, "rolled", but is measured in tens, and he insists - "not what you think." So what is it?!

Bieber reach 19 this year, and was proud to be praised that he was drunk in Africa. Having lived mostly in America, where the legal age for buying and drinking alcohol 21 years, he couldn't  wait to be a drink without having to identify themselves.

Treated bodyguards as servants 

It is already known that the bodyguards have to run around after him and fight his battles, and even to say "it's my" in the car when police found an illegal substance, but a drop in the coffin was a photograph of Bieber's bodyguards carry the Great Wall of China .

He doesn't know where are the doors

Okay, we can make a little joke about that? For the end, the clip Justin who can not find the way out  the building in Germany.